Session: Graduate Student Collaboration

I want to talk about breaking away from the normal modes of collaboration that we tend to see in DH and the humanities. When graduate students are collaborating, it tends to be with a faculty member, in a team for an assistantship, or as part of a course. There is not enough voluntary or student-initiated and student-run collaboration yet, and I think it’s important we talk about why that may be. What is keeping me from writing an article, starting a project, or otherwise pooling efforts in some way with another graduate student or a team of them? Some more focused questions I’d like to consider:

-What’s keeping us from working together; disciplinary, institutional, or social structures? Lack of diverse skill sets?

-What do graduate students have to gain from working with each other?

-What do we lose (or gain) from the lack of faculty guidance or involvement in a student collaboration?

-How can (assuming they can and will, of course) librarians assist a team of students in a project?

-What do we think of interdisciplinary projects or different genres and forms of subject matter that may affect how graduate students work together?

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