Roles & responsibilities in collaborative teams

What sort of structures are needed to support collaborative work? After two years working in digital libraries, and since attending Lynne Siemen’s Issues in Large Project Planning and Management mini-course at UCLA, I’ve been thinking about how collaborative work is delineated, assigned, and, really, managed. Of course, the twin issue is: how is credit assigned and given, and what authorship issues arise in collaborative work? In this session, I’d like to talk about how collaboration raises the need for new models of authorship.

If possible, maybe we could look at examples of authorship agreements among groups, talks about some potential disciplinary tendencies and differences, and examine taxonomies of digital scholarship and roles. Are best practices out there?

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4 Responses to Roles & responsibilities in collaborative teams

  1. Sarah Potvin says:

    Could possibly reframe this as a “credit where credit is due” session and look at examples of how collaborative authorship is indicated. These “new models of authorship” have been around for awhile at this point 😉

  2. Laura Estill says:

    It might also be fruitful to consider the role of undergraduate and graduate student collaborators (and how to best credit them for their work & how to outline fair responsibilities)

  3. Yes, I agree with Laura, re: UG & grads and have credited both as co-authors… We need to find ways to both incorporate UG & grad and appropriately credit them.

  4. Sarah Potvin says:

    Agreed! Important to address issues of power (im)balances, and how student work needs to be considered and credited.

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